10 Sedans With The Best MPG

Gas prices are stretching every American budget to the limit, but there are still occasions when you need to get everyone from place to place. For that you need a roomy sedan. Here are the 10 most fuel efficient sedans available based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s mpg and expressed in the usual city/highway format.

  1. Honda Civic Hybrid 40/43
  2. Ford Fusion Hybrid 41/36
  3. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid 41/36
  4. Mercury Milan Hybrid 41/36
  5. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 35/40
  6. Lexus HS 250h 35/34
  7. Volkswagen Jetta Diesel 30/42
  8. Nissan Altima Hybrid 33/33
  9. Toyota Camry Hybrid 31/35
  10. Hyundai Elantra 29/40

It is surprising to see such good numbers from traditional luxury models like Lincoln. Interested in any of these models?  Click here to check out Lincoln MKZ lease deals or Ford Fusion financing incentives. These numbers are great, now if gas would only drop back under $3 a gallon.

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