7 Luxury Cars That Sip Gas

After driving a Lincoln for years, it is hard to think about buying a Chevrolet Aveo for the fuel savings. The loss of comfort and the added road noise make it nearly impossible to consider the change, but paying a $100 every time you fill up and filling up twice a week is not comfortable either. Well, to help you stay in luxury and save money at the pump, here is a list of seven luxury models that get 30 mpg or better.

  1. BMW 528i
  2. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
  3. Lexus RX 450h
  4. BMW 335d
  5. Lexus HS 250h
  6. Lexus CT 200h
  7. Mercedes Benz E350 Blue Tec

All of these are acknowledged luxury models and will meet your comfort needs quite well. If you are used to buying luxury cars, you will not be put off by the stickers on any of them. What you may have to get used to is fewer trips to a gas station.

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