R-Design Heralding a New Era of Volvo “Turbo-Bricks”?

When someone mentions Volvo in conversation it is usually in relation to safety. Maybe saying usually is an understatement. Almost always is more accurate. The company is never mentioned when you are talking about muscle cars, except for a small niche of enthusiasts who have been hot-rodding Volvo turbo engines.  Many called their creations “Turbo-Bricks,” a reference to the boxy design cues of 80′s era Volvos.  Well, the company would now like to add performance to their portfolio.

Knowing that muscle is not their forte, Volvo has reportedly turned to Polestar for a boost in that area. Polestar is said to be responsible for the additional 25 horsepower and 29 pound-feet of torque from the upgraded S60 and XC60 R-design models.

Volvo is looking for ways to improve performance for pre-owned vehicles. Polestar may help there as well by finding ways to enhance already boosted models, but nothing has been decided as yet. The company is also working with Volvo for future upgrades. Could this be a sign that we will be discussing Volvo muscle cars in the future?

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