Flying Car Closer To Mass Production

Image via CrunchBase

This is not a story about aliens technology being adapted for human use. Designers have been trying to develop a personal use flying car (called roadable aircraft) since the 1930s. Henry Ford even tried his hand, but failed. The most successful to date was the Aerocar. Successful because no one died testing it and there is one still flying today.

Terrafugia, the latest company to develop one, recently gained ground by getting approval for a few modifications that would allow the vehicle to meet air and road safety standards. The NHTSA approved the use of a polycarbonate windshield and a variant of tire that can take landings and handle road conditions. The FCC allowed the vehicle to weigh an additional 110 lbs and still fit into the light-sport-aircraft category.

Initial customer delivery has been pushed back until 2012 as the company continues to develop safety measures like dual stage airbags and electronic stability control that will not fail while in flight. The concept has passed several flight and driving tests, so it is safe as is. This is one concept that would be nice to see in full release.

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