Transformer Camaro In Your Neighborhood

Maybe it is the popularity of the movies or just a desire to sell cars, either way Chevrolet has announced that it is taking orders for the Transformer package for the 2012 Camaro.

The Tranformers edition will feature black 20 in wheels with an Autobot symbol in the center, high performance summer tires, a rear spoiler unique to the trim package, black racing stripes with Autobot symbols on the front corner panels. The interior will feature Autobot logos embroidered on the front head rests and the center console. The black leather will be held together by yellow stitching. The options will be limited to a black body kit and 21-inch wheel upgrade. In order to stay true to the Transformer movies, the package is only available in yellow cars. 

All of this will come at an additional $3,000 for the basic package. As you add body kits and larger tires, the price adds up as well. With that said, you should be able to get a fully equipped and decked-out Bumblebee for less than 38K. Not bad for a Transformer.  Click here to get a new car quote for your new Camaro.

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