Prices Of Fuel Efficient Cars Fluctuate With Fuel Price

Wow, say the title of this piece three times and you may need a doctor to untie your tongue, but it is true. It all harkens back to the supply and demand theory of economics and pricing.

When gas prices go up, so does the interest in, and the demand for, fuel efficient cars. When gas prices topped $4 a gallon, gas misers topped the wish list of many American car buyers, allowing dealers to ask for more money on each car. Demand was up, supply was down, prices went up.

Now, gas prices are down to a paltry $3.60 a gallon (can you sense the sarcasm) and fewer people are buying fuel efficient cars. The average sticker on the used version of those cars is down. The drop is only about 2% as of June, but some industry analysts predict it to reach 15% by December.

All of these predictions are contingent on oil and gas prices holding steady or dropping. We all know that the price of gas is more fickle than a teenager in love, so it might be a little early to make any predictions. You should probably buy the gas miser anyway.  Click here to get a new car price quote for the fuel efficient model you prefer.

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