Slow Drivers Irk Everyone Else

According to a study by, drivers who are faced with another driver who is traveling at less than the speed limit, get stressed and will try to pass them. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Now, the study is coming out of England, so you are probably wondering why readers anywhere else really care? Well, slow-pokes are everywhere. They are sort of like cockroaches…worst part is you can’t kill them.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get somewhere and the guy in front of you is putting along about 5 mph under the speed limit. Even if he is doing the limit, everyone else is going 5-10 mph over, so he is still holding up the whole works. Well, one thing is worse. The guy doing the speed limit in the passing lane. Come on donkey, get in the right-hand lane at least.

Why write an article on New Car Quotes Online about this? The stress of a slow driver causes many people to take additional risks when passing. Those risks are connected to hundreds of traffic accidents and some deaths each year. The Brits were mentioned earlier. They are considering placing cameras on busy roadways to catch slow drivers in the act and send them a nice ticket. I say, that’s rather cricket of you Reginald, well done.

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