More Fuel Efficient Pilot To Top Class In 2012

Honda Odyssey

Honda is keeping many of the details about the updated 2012 Pilot a bit of a secret. The vehicle, though not fully redesigned, has been updated to reflect the negative reaction many buyers had to the dramatic 2011 version.

The softer 2012 version will have better fuel efficiency than any other three row, eight passenger SUV on the market. The Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander are models that Honda featured in its claims of better fuel efficiency. No exact mpg numbers were released, but, in order to meet Honda’s claims, the Pilot will have to top the Highlanders ratings of 18/24 mpg.

The claim from Honda could be a boon for the large family. Better fuel efficiency when you need to transport three or more children on a daily basis is bound to help in other areas. Combine that with the quality that Honda is famous for and you can see how the new Pilot may outsell all of its predecessors.

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