Ford and Toyota Agree To Collaboration

A task in front of all truck and SUV manufacturers is how to reduce emissions, maintain payload, and improve fuel efficiency. The task is quite a bite for one company to chew, so Ford and Toyota have announced an agreement to collaborate on the issue.

The brands will remain separate entities, the collaboration is a simple joint research and development venture to improve telematics, internet services, and driver distraction. ”Part of the feasibility study is looking at alternative architectures to find what is best suited to trucks,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president for global product development. ”We are looking at several architectures.” He went on to say the prime targets are ”capability and cost effectiveness, with an eye to retaining payload and towing capacity while improving fuel economy and cutting C02 emissions.”

This type of collaboration is nothing new in Detroit or for Ford. These collaborations have been commonplace since industry began. In the end, automakers collaborate, but put a unique spin on the final design, allowing for continued individuality for each company involved. The average buyer simply benefits from reduced research costs for each company by having better technology without a stupendous price increase.

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