Is Technology Making Us Unsafe Drivers?

A recent survey by insurance giant Metlife seems to indicate that drivers are more technologically savvy than ever before. Unfortunately, the tech that they are most familiar with are distracting instead of helping them driver more safely.

Some of the results of the survey are:

  • 66% believe that drivers rely excessively on technology.
  • 85% believe that cars are safer today than ever before.
  • 77% use Bluetooth hands free calling
  • 90% use GPS while driving.
  • 27% are familiar with in car social networking.
  • 44% know what electronic stability control is.
  • 43% know what forward collision warnings are.

As you can see the majority of respondents to the survey were familiar with the tech that distracts drivers more than anything else. Oh, in case you think otherwise, Bluetooth hands free calling has been proven to be just as distracting as holding a phone to your ear.  Here at New Car Quotes, we encourage you to refrain from using any tech device while driving.  Please, please don’t drive distracted.

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