Reckless Drifting = Beheading?

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced to death a man who had killed two spectators while drifting in his souped-up drift machine. The sentence, which should be carried out by a man and a sword, is thought to have been handed down because the man killed a second person while drifting while he was in hiding after having killed a first spectator during another drifting incident.

It is not clear when the blade will fall on the man, named Mutannish. In fact, it is not clear if it will ever come down on the male who is in his 30s. Recently, another guy who had been sentenced to death for a similar incident (wonder why only the men get arrested for poor driving in Saudi Arabia, suppose it means they’ve got top-rate women drivers in that nation) had his sentence slashed to a mere 3,000 lashes, 20 years in the pen and a lifetime ban on driving.

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