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Every year it seems like having the Sun high over head stirs a yearning for a drop top. It is almost primeval. It can be nearly as strong as the urge to hop on a crotch rocket and fly, but shows a little more restraint to say the least. If you are going to be [...]

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After driving a Lincoln for years, it is hard to think about buying a Chevrolet Aveo for the fuel savings. The loss of comfort and the added road noise make it nearly impossible to consider the change, but paying a $100 every time you fill up and filling up twice a week is not comfortable [...]

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Honda does not want to lose customers because of the disasters in Japan earlier this year. In order to prevent possible losses, the automaker is extending current incentives and leases. A recent blurb on Honda’s website said, ”You may be concerned about the availability of your next Honda vehicle. Should recent events impact the vehicle [...]

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Several factors have combined this year to make it a seller’s market for cars. The disasters in Japan have slowed production and strained inventory, the tough economy over the last few years forced more people to keep their cars, and manufacturers have decided to tighten up on their incentive programs. The best strategy is to [...]

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There was a time in your life when any article that mentioned a family vehicle would have immediately lost your attention. That time is over and you need to consider which vehicles are best for the safety of your family, now. Here are the top family vehicles in 2011 as rated by and Parents [...]

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