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The Nissan Juke is notable for many things. Being fleet of foot and quick to 60 are not among them, yet. According to rumors floating around the world of automotive engineers, the Juke could become an answer to the Mini Cooper. The rumors hold that a nearly crazed Nissan engineer has put the power plant [...]

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Image via CrunchBase This is not a story about aliens technology being adapted for human use. Designers have been trying to develop a personal use flying car (called roadable aircraft) since the 1930s. Henry Ford even tried his hand, but failed. The most successful to date was the Aerocar. Successful because no one died testing [...]

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Jeep has been making noise about a new version of its pickup series for a few years now. Once again, the project has had to take a back seat to more pressing items.Chrysler is concentrating on making a transmission that doesn’t fail every time you sneeze and trying to launch a small car series that [...]

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Recent reports have given rise to hopes that Jeep will be putting a larger powerhouse under the hoods of future Wranglers. These reports have indicated that Jeep’s president Micheal Manley has had a 6.4-liter Hemi 392 V-8 (470 hp) dropped into a Wrangler for evaluation of a future production model. This is not a new [...]

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Concept cars are fodder for true automobile enthusiasts. To those that follow the show circuit, the designers and producers of this year’s top ten concept cars are familiar names. They are familiar names in Europe anyway, but some of them get very little recognition in the North American market. This years top ten best concept [...]

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