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Honda Odyssey

Honda is keeping many of the details about the updated 2012 Pilot a bit of a secret. The vehicle, though not fully redesigned, has been updated to reflect the negative reaction many buyers had to the dramatic 2011 version.

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Toyota Prius and performance are not synonymous nor will they be with the new Prius Performance Package. The new package includes ground effects, lowered springs, a rear sway bar, and off-set 17 inch wheels. There is absolutely nothing improved in the horsepower or torque category. What the package does offer is less aerodynamic drag, more [...]

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Maybe it is the popularity of the movies or just a desire to sell cars, either way Chevrolet has announced that it is taking orders for the Transformer package for the 2012 Camaro. The Tranformers edition will feature black 20 in wheels with an Autobot symbol in the center, high performance summer tires, a rear [...]

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Jeep has been making noise about a new version of its pickup series for a few years now. Once again, the project has had to take a back seat to more pressing items.Chrysler is concentrating on making a transmission that doesn’t fail every time you sneeze and trying to launch a small car series that [...]

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When someone mentions Volvo in conversation it is usually in relation to safety. Maybe saying usually is an understatement. Almost always is more accurate. The company is never mentioned when you are talking about muscle cars, except for a small niche of enthusiasts who have been hot-rodding Volvo turbo engines.  Many called their creations “Turbo-Bricks,” [...]

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