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Each year J.D Power releases an Initial Quality Study of new vehicles. Usually it is a review of how each automaker addresses quality issues that had arisen the previous year and made improvements. This year it was a report of how some automakers failed the American public that they serve. The biggest issues were with [...]

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Every year it seems like having the Sun high over head stirs a yearning for a drop top. It is almost primeval. It can be nearly as strong as the urge to hop on a crotch rocket and fly, but shows a little more restraint to say the least. If you are going to be [...]

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How do you increase performance and fuel economy at the same time? You drop the overall weight of a car. The next generation of the Mazda MX-5 Miata is set do drop a total of 720 lbs. That will make it even lighter than the car’s first incarnation.If engineers are able to hit the target [...]

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The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Why not believe that one, too? With the auto rumor mills in overdrive, the 2.3L 4 cylinder version of the Ford Mustang seems to be grist again this year. Boredom makes some writers type anything. Let’s look at this reporting with a critical eye. Ford already has [...]

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Do you like the look and potential performance of an off-road runner? Ford has dominated the market with its SVT Raptor. Until now. Dodge has brought its own runner to bear by introducing the Ram Runner kit. The Runner is a set of seven component kits that can be added separately and are designed to [...]

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