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Gas prices are stretching every American budget to the limit, but there are still occasions when you need to get everyone from place to place. For that you need a roomy sedan. Here are the 10 most fuel efficient sedans available based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s mpg and expressed in the usual city/highway format. [...]

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NADAguides releases a list of cars based on design, pricing, performance, fuel efficiency, and available features each year. This list is deemed the ‘Must Consider’ list. Many of the cars on this list appear on many other ‘lists’, but their value is given an air of authority by being placed on the list of the  [...]

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According to a recent news release by Jeff Kuhlman, head of Audi USA’s communications department, the A6 will offer a 2.0L engine in its 2012 incarnation. This marks the first time that the A6 has had a four cylinder engine in the U.S. market. The engine will be a 2.0-liter turbocharged four. The power plant [...]

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Well, you have a family and automakers are not making as many large models as they used to. Before the 1980s you could buy a car large enough for a family of 20 or more. At least they seemed to be that big…anyway, enough nostalgia and on with today’s list. Here are the top ten [...]

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Looking at an SUV or Crossover can give you a heart attack if you are not careful. You find yourself staring at a $35,000 sticker without having to go to a Mercedes dealer. Here are the 10 most affordable SUVs and Crossovers being offered in 2011. Jeep Patriot at $15,995 Suzuki SX4 at $16,499 Kia [...]

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