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Nissan Rogue Insurance

Trying to insure your Nissan Rogue at a discount?

When you’d like to spend less on insurance, you will need to research Nissan Rogue insurance prices from a selection of respected insurance companies. Sound tough? We make it easy. Believe it or not, we have teamed with leading Nissan Rogue insurance companies across the nation to let you research rates from an extensive choice of insurers – from the computer!

How To Get A Better Price on Nissan Rogue Insurance

  • Select an insurance policy that provides your Nissan Rogue at least twelve months of coverage.
  • Try to avoid car accidents and traffic tickets.
  • Comparison shop.

The New Nissan Rogue Mini-Review

The Nissan Rogue is highly-competitive in the small-SUV class, offering a punchy engine, keyless ignition, foldable cargo organizers, low maintenance, and gets 22 mpg overall. This Front or AWD compact SUV gives you impressive collision safety and average gas mileage: 21 mpg around town and 26 mpg on the highway. The Rogue’s interior is considerable in comparison with its class rivals, sitting 2 front, 3 rear in style. MSRP for a base Rogue is set at $20,460, whereas you should be prepared to pay closer to $25,310 for a fully-equipped model.