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Mazda Mazda3 Financing Specials

Mazda Mazda3 0 Percent Financing

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Mazda 0% Financing

How would you like to get your new Mazda Mazda3 with 0% interest rates? These sorts of specials differ according to where you live. In order to determine if Mazda Mazda3 zero percent financing is available in your area, you’ll want to get quotes from Mazda dealerships in your area. Bear in mind: in order to qualify for 0% financing, you need to have your credit approved. Fico scores of 740 or higher are typically required.

The New Mazda Mazda3 in Detail

The details of this 33 mpg hatchback or sedan are listed below:

  • Motor: 2.0-2.5L 4 or 2.3L turbo
  • Horsepower: 148 to 263 hp
  • Seats: 2 front, 3 rear
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic
  • EPA City: 24 mpg
  • EPA Highway: 33 mpg
  • MSRP: $15,345 to $23,340

The Mazda Mazda3 is practical, affordable, and fun to drive ? especially if you opt for the turbocharged Mazdaspeed3. The Mazda3 is known to feature impressive crash safety and above average reliability.