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It’s our mission to find you the lowest possible car prices in Alaska, bar none.

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Alaska Lease and Loan Offers

Few people purchase a car in cash. This means the majority of people need an auto loan or lease.

Here at New Car Quotes Online, we help you to track down not only the best car prices, but also the top:

  • Leasing Offers
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Driving a Car in AK: Statistics

  • Registered Automobiles: 239,938
  • Registered Trucks and Sport-Utility Vehicles: 434,895
  • Avg Commute Time: 18.4 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled Per Capita: 7,089 Annually
  • Average Insurance Premium / Month: $57
  • Miles of Excellent Roads: 94
  • Miles of Good Roads: 698
  • Miles of Fair Roads: 1,458
  • Miles of Poor Roads: 300

Unsure what sort of vehicle to get? Maybe the information above can help you make a decision. .