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When you’re looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle, you need to track down the best prices on the market, right?

Forget about trying to uncover the cheapest price the conventional way. Instead, every major dealership in Arkansas has an online sales team, meaning you can receive new car quotes from 1-5 dealers…on the web! Fast, easy, and best of all: free!

Arkansas Car Deals

Remember, price isn’t the only detail that’s important. Unless you are planning to purchase your new vehicle in cash, your annual percentage rate and money due at signing are critical.

For that reason, we will let you compare not just car prices in Arkansas, but Arkansas car deals in the process. That means current lease offers and financing incentives where you live — for exactly the car you want!

When you apply for a quote, our state-of-the-art vehicle-matching software seeks dealerships who have the precise make and model you’re searching for on hand, and they then send you the most impressive leasing and financing quotes they have to offer – in mere seconds! This is especially effective if you’re on the hunt for no money down leases or 0 percent financing on cars in Arkansas.

Arkansas Driving Statistics

How Many Registered Vehicles?

  • Total Autos: 947,554
  • Trucks and SUVs: 1,064,053

Commuting in Arkansas

  • Avg Commute Time: 21.3 Mins
  • Percentage Who Commute By Themselves: 80%
  • Percentage Who Carpool: 13%
  • Per Capita Miles Driven: 11,614 Yearly

AR Auto Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Per Annum: $873
  • Average Insurance Cost Each Month: $73

AR Roadway Considerations

  • Great Roads: 568 Miles
  • Good Roads: 4,559 Miles
  • Decent Roads: 11,122 Miles
  • Mediocre Roads: 4,243
  • Poor Roads: 1,014

Uncertain what kind of car to get? The above information will help you come to the right choice. And keep in mind that fuel costs are not as cheap as they used to be. Believe it or not, AR gas was $2.70 a gallon in ’08. Compare that to the latest cost per gallon. Because of this, in Arkansas, SUV and truck sales have been suffering as more and more consumers go with fuel efficient autos