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Colorado Car Deals

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Colorado Driving Statistics

Amount of Registered Vehicles

  • Total Automobiles: 724,053
  • Pickups: 285,302
  • SUVs: 363,410

CO Commute Times

  • Average Commute Time: 24.6 Minutes
  • Percentage Who Don’t Carpool: 74%
  • Percentage Who Commute Via Ride-Share: 11%
  • Per Person Miles Driven: 9,689 Annually

CO Vehicle Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Annually: $800
  • Average Insurance Cost A Month: $67

CO Road Considerations

  • Excellent Roads: 1,858 Miles
  • Good Roads: 5,132 Miles
  • Decent Roads: 7,433 Miles
  • Below Average Roads: 1,535
  • Bad Roads: 418

If you don’t know what type of car or truck to get, you might want to give some thought to questions including: how large is your family? How long is your commute? How much can you afford to spend? How many miles do you plan to drive a year? Do you need 4wd where you live? Would you like to tow a trailer or camper? The state-based numbers above are beneficial, but in the end, your preferences will be different from other Colorado drivers.