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Florida Car Prices

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You should never get yourself a new or used car – not before you compare local car prices in your part of Florida, at least!

Yes, it may seem simple to match up car prices from new car dealerships in Florida, but think about it: you would have to go from dealership to dealership, getting the run-around from annoying salespeople, to just assemble a list of price quotes for the vehicle you want. On the other hand, we enable you to:

  1. Get Prices Online.
  2. Test Drive Your Vehicle.
  3. If You’re Happy, Own it!

Florida Car Deals

Very few people purchase new vehicles in cash. Which means most of the people have to find a car loan or lease.

Right here at New Car Quotes, we will let you locate not only the best car prices, but also the top:

  • Lease Specials
  • Finance Incentives
  • No Money Down Car Deals

…in your part of Florida! When you get quotes, our sophisticated vehicle-matching engine finds car dealers who have the precise car or truck you requested for sale, and they respond with the most impressive leasing and financing specials they can offer – almost instantaneously! This is particularly effective if you’re looking for no down payment car deals or zero interest financing for cars in Florida.

Driving a Car in FL: Statistics

How Many Registered Autos?

  • Total Autos: 8,063,718
  • Trucks and SUVs: 8,060,271

FL Commute Times

  • Avg Commute Time: 25.9 Minutes
  • Percentage Who Commute Alone: 79%
  • Percentage Who Commute Via Ride-Share: 10%
  • Miles Traveled Per Person: 10,837 A Year

FL Car Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Per Year: $1,140
  • Average Insurance Cost Each Month: $95

Condition of FL Roads

  • Great Roads: 6,160 Miles
  • Good Roads: 10,340 Miles
  • Average Roads: 8,167 Miles
  • Sub-par Roads: 786
  • Poor Roads: 367

If you are having trouble figuring out the type of vehicle to get, you might want to take into account questions such as: how big is your family? How much time does your commute consume? What’s your budget? How many miles do you plan to drive per annum? Do you have to go off-road in your area? Are you looking to pull a trailer or camper? The data above is valuable, but ultimately, your needs will differ from other Florida car owners.