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Car Prices in Maine

Maine Car Deals

Intent on purchasing a new or pre-owned car, truck, or SUV in Maine?

Don’t try to find the best deal the traditional way. These days, every large car dealership in Maine has a web sales division, meaning it’s possible to request new car quotes from 1-5 dealerships – online! There are zero obligations and no fees.

Leasing and Finance Deals in Maine

These days, it’s rare that customers merely purchase their new car or truck straight up; no, they either finance or lease a new car or truck from a local Maine dealership.

At New Car Quotes, we help you to locate not just the best Maine car prices, but also the very best:

  • Leasing Offers
  • Finance Incentives
  • No Down Payment Car Deals

…whereever you live in Maine! For those who ask for a quote, our sophisticated vehicle-matching engine looks for car dealers who have the precise model you requested available, and they answer with the top lease and finance offers available – just for internet clients! If you’re hoping to get 0 percent financing for a car in Maine, this is key.

Maine Driving Statistics

  • Registered Vehicles: 555,374
  • Registered Pickups: 234,649
  • Registered SUVs: 166,224
  • Avg Commute Time: 23.3 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled Per Person: 11,059 Per Annum
  • Avg Insurance Cost Each Month: $91
  • Miles of Excellent Roads: 265
  • Miles of Good Roads: 2,440
  • Miles of Fair Roads: 2,294
  • Miles of Bad Roads: 548

Unsure what type of vehicle to purchase? The the above data may help you come to a good choice. Comfortable 4-door cars or hatchbacks are practical for lengthy commutes, while a truck or sport-utility vehicle might be necessary if the state has many miles of bad or below average highways.