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It’s our mission to help you find the best possible car prices in Michigan, plain and simple.

Yes, it sounds simple to check car prices from car dealers in Michigan, and yet just think it over: you would have to go from one Michigan dealer to the next, confronting aggressive sales agents, simply to pull together various prices on the car or truck you want. Alternatively, we can help you:

  • Request Car Price Quotes.
  • Get Several Price Quotes From Dealers.
  • Decide on The Best Dealership. Take a Test Drive. Buy Your Car.

Leasing and Financing Specials: Michigan

Hardly any shoppers merely buy their vehicle with cash. Instead, they lease or finance a new car or truck from a local Michigan car dealership.

Here at New Car Quotes, we help you to find not only the best car prices, but also the top:

  • Leasing Offers
  • Financing Promotions
  • No Down Payment Car Deals

…in your part of Michigan! Any time you get quotes, our cutting-edge data software locates dealerships who have the specific vehicle you requested available, and the dealers themselves respond back the very best leasing and finance quotes available today – specifically for web clients! This is particularly valuable if you’re hoping to get no money down leases or zero percent financing for a car in Michigan.

Driving a Car in MI: Statistics

Amount of Registered Automobiles

  • Total Autos: 4,337,278
  • Trucks and SUVs: 3,448,681

Commuting in Michigan

  • Avg Commute: 24 Minutes
  • Percentage Who Commute Alone: 82%
  • Percentage Who Carpool: 9%
  • Per Capita Miles Driven: 10,179 Per Annum

MI Auto Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Per Annum: $981
  • Average Insurance Cost A Month: $82

MI Roadway Conditions

  • Excellent Roads: 9,635 Miles
  • Good Roads: 6,148 Miles
  • Decent Roads: 10,567 Miles
  • Below Average Roads: 2,535
  • Poor Roads: 4,748

Unsure what kind of vehicle to get? The information above may help you make the best choice. .