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Missouri Lease and Loan Promotions

Most shoppers don’t merely pay for their new car or truck outright; rather, they either lease or finance a new car or truck from a nearby Missouri dealer.

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Driving a Car in MO: Statistics

Amount of Registered Vehicles

  • Total Automobiles: 2,612,681
  • Trucks and SUVs: 2,216,069

MO Commute Times

  • Avg Commute Time: 23.8 Mins
  • Percentage Who Don’t Carpool: 80%
  • Percentage Who Commute Via Ride-Share: 11%
  • Miles Traveled Per Capita: 11,549 Per Annum

MO Car Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Per Year: $680
  • Average Insurance Cost A Month: $57

MO Roadway Conditions

  • Superb Roads: 1,214 Miles
  • Good Roads: 4,608 Miles
  • Fair Roads: 16,460 Miles
  • Below Average Roads: 5,124
  • Poor Roads: 2,951

If you can’t decide which type of car or truck to get, you will want to consider the following questions: how big is your household? How long does your commute take? How much car can you afford? How much mileage do you plan to put on your vehicle a year? In what condition are the roads in your region? Would you like to pull a trailer or camper? The Missouri driving statistics we’ve listed are useful, but ultimately, the needs you have will differ from your fellow Missouri car buyers.