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Everybody in Montana wants the lowest possible price on a new car or truck, but how do you get it?

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Montana Car Deals

Nowadays, very few purchasers simply buy their vehicle straight up; nope, they lease or finance a car or truck from a local Montana dealership.

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Montana Driving Statistics

  • Registered Vehicles: 369,364
  • Registered Trucks and SUVs: 528,769
  • MT Avg Commute: 17.9 Minutes
  • Per Person Miles Driven: 11,176 Per Year
  • Average Insurance Cost Monthly: $55
  • Miles of Very Good Roads: 1,573
  • Miles of Good Roads: 6,573
  • Miles of Fair Roads: 3,654
  • Miles of Bad Roads: 342

Not sure what type of car or truck to buy? Hopefully the information above can help you make a good decision. And bear in mind that the cost of gas has been going up. Believe it or not, MT gas was $2.80 a gallon in ’08. Compare that to the current prices. On that basis, in Montana, SUV and truck sales have been suffering as increasing numbers of shoppers go with gas mileage over size