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New York Leasing and Finance Incentives

Not very many people these days buy a new car with cash. That means most of the people in New York need an auto loan or lease.

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Driving a Car in NY: Statistics

Number of Registered Autos

  • Total Vehicles: 8,493,769
  • Pickup Trucks: 503,947
  • Sport Utility Vehicles: 1,072,457

Commuting in New York

  • Avg Commute Time: 31.6 Minutes
  • Percentage Who Do Not Carpool: 54%
  • Percentage Who Carpool: 8%
  • Per Capita Miles Driven: 6,880 Per Annum

NY Vehicle Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Annually: $730
  • Average Insurance Cost Monthly: $61

Condition of NY Roads

  • Very Good Roads: 806 Miles
  • Good Roads: 7,023 Miles
  • Decent Roads: 12,055 Miles
  • Mediocre Roads: 3,052
  • Bad Roads: 3,807

If you are having trouble deciding exactly what vehicle to purchase, you may want to give some thought to questions including: how big is your household? How much time does your commute consume? What is your vehicle budget? How much mileage do you plan to put on this vehicle per annum? In what condition are the roads in your area? Do you want to haul a trailer? The New York driving statistics we’ve listed are helpful, but ultimately, the needs you have will be different from other New York consumers.