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Car Deals: North Dakota

Few people buy new vehicles in cash. Just 12-15% in fact. That means the majority of people in North Dakota have to get an auto loan or lease. For that reason, we enable you to compare not just [state car prices], but car deals in North Dakota in the process. That means current lease specials, as well as low rate and zero percent financing rates in your part of North Dakota — just for the model you’re looking for!

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Driving a Car in ND: Statistics

Amount of Registered Autos

  • Total Autos: 342,327
  • Trucks and SUVs: 359,138

Commuting in North Dakota

  • Avg Commute: 16 Mins
  • Percentage Who Commute By Themselves: 78%
  • Percentage Who Carpool: 10%
  • Miles Driven Per Person: 12,191 A Year

ND Auto Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Annually: $591
  • Average Insurance Cost Each Month: $49

Condition of ND Roadways

  • Excellent Roads: 2,749 Miles
  • Good Roads: 4,893 Miles
  • Fair Roads: 5,077 Miles
  • Below Average Roads: 1,087
  • Bad Roads: 184

Not sure what type of car or truck to purchase? Perhaps the the data we’ve outlined above can help you come to a decision. And bear in mind that fuel prices have gone up. In fact, ND gas was $2.78 per gallon in 2008. Compare that to the latest costs at the pump. Because of this, in North Dakota, truck and SUV sales have been falling as more and more consumers go with fuel economy over size