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Want to buy a new car in Oklahoma for the best price possible? Obviously you would!

Don’t try to uncover the lowest price the conventional way. These days, all of the respectable Oklahoma dealerships have an internet sales department. That means you’ll be able to request new car quotes from 1 to 4 car dealerships – on the web! Fast, easy, free!

Oklahoma Lease and Loan Deals

Few people buy new vehicles with cash. Which means most individuals in Oklahoma need a car loan or lease.

This is why we help you in comparing not only [state car prices], but Oklahoma car deals at the same time. That means current lease deals, as well as low rate and/or zero percent financing rates near you — just for the make/model you need!

When you request a quote, our highly developed dealer-matching engine looks for dealerships who have the specific model you requested on their lot, and the dealers’ internet sales team shoots you an email with the leading lease and finance promotions you can get today, NOW, in your town – just for internet shoppers! This is especially beneficial when you’re on the hunt for no down payment leases or 0 percent financing on cars in Oklahoma.

Driving a Car in OK: Statistics

Number of Registered Autos

  • Total Vehicles: 1,640,823
  • Trucks and SUVs: 1,563,426

Commuting in Oklahoma

  • Average Commute: 21.2 Minutes
  • Percentage Who Don’t Carpool: 81%
  • Percentage Who Commute Via Ride-Share: 12%
  • Miles Traveled Per Person: 13,315 A Year

OK Auto Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Each Year: $628
  • Average Insurance Cost Monthly: $52

Condition of OK Roads

  • Very Good Roads: 711 Miles
  • Good Roads: 5,912 Miles
  • Fair Roads: 13,277 Miles
  • Below Average Roads: 4,217
  • Bad Roads: 5,299

If you don’t know what sort of car to buy, you should think about questions including: how large is your family? How long does your commute take? How much car can you afford? How many miles do you plan to drive yearly? How are the roads where you live? Would you like to tow a trailer or camper? The state-based data above is helpful, but ultimately, your preferences will be different from your fellow Oklahoma motorists.