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Looking to buy a new or used car in Oregon? In that case, you’ll want to compare car prices in OR before you buy.

These days, the online world has made it simple to get the best prices possible. Here is the key: get car dealers to vie for your business.

Oregon Car Deals

Not many people nowadays purchase new vehicles in cash. Which means most people in Oregon need an auto loan or lease.

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Driving a Car in OR: Statistics

  • Registered Autos: 1,433,133
  • Registered Trucks and Sport-Utility Vehicles: 1,592,602
  • Avg Commute Time: 22.5 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled Per Capita: 8,830 Per Annum
  • Average Insurance Premium Each Month: $54
  • Miles of Very Good Roads: 3,032
  • Miles of Good Roads: 6,218
  • Miles of Decent Roads: 6,426
  • Miles of Poor Roads: 256

Not sure what type of car or truck to purchase? Hopefully the above information may help you decide. And keep in mind that gasoline prices have gone up. Believe it or not, OR gas was $2.92 per gallon in 2008. Compare that to the latest prices. As a result, in Oregon, truck and SUV sales have been declining as more and more buyers opt for fuel efficient cars and trucks