South Carolina Car Prices (SC)

Car Prices in South Carolina

South Carolina Car Deals

You should never purchase a new or pre-owned car or truck…not before you track down the best car prices in your part of South Carolina, that is!

Fortunately, we enable you to get the best possible prices. Here is the key: get dealers to compete for your business.

Leasing and Financing Offers in South Carolina

The majority of SC residents don’t simply buy their new car or truck with cash. Instead, they lease or finance a new vehicle from a local South Carolina dealer.

At New Car Quotes Online, we enable you to locate not only the lowest South Carolina car prices, but also the very best:

  • Lease Offers
  • Financing Incentives
  • Zero Down Car Deals

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Driving a Car in SC: Statistics

How Many Registered Automobiles?

  • Total Autos: 1,984,700
  • Trucks and SUVs: 1,559,144

SC Commute Times

  • Avg Commute Time: 23.3 Minutes
  • Percentage Who Commute Alone: 81%
  • Percentage Who Commute Via Ride-Share: 11%
  • Miles Driven Per Capita: 11,071 Annually

SC Car Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Annually: $1,017
  • Average Insurance Cost Each Month: $85

SC Road Conditions

  • Superb Roads: 547 Miles
  • Good Roads: 5,696 Miles
  • Fair Roads: 11,977 Miles
  • Mediocre Roads: 1,742
  • Bad Roads: 978

If you are having trouble deciding what type of car to get, you may want to consider questions such as: what size is your family? How much time does your commute consume? What’s your budget? How many miles do you plan to drive every year? In what condition are the roads in your area? Do you want to haul a trailer? The data above is beneficial, but ultimately, what you need will differ from other South Carolina residents.