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Hardly any consumers simply buy their new car or truck outright. Nope, they either lease or finance a car in South Dakota.

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South Dakota Driving Statistics

  • Registered Automobiles: 342,512
  • Registered Trucks and Sport-Utility Vehicles: 543,194
  • Avg Commute Time: 16.4 Minutes
  • Per Person Miles Driven: 11,174 Yearly
  • Average Insurance Premium Each Month: $64
  • Miles of Very Good Roads: 3,716
  • Miles of Good Roads: 3,203
  • Miles of Fair Roads: 5,430
  • Miles of Bad Roads: 1,041

Uncertain what sort of car to get? The above information may help you make the best decision. Generally, sedans or hatchbacks are advantageous for long commute times, whereas a pickup truck or sport-ute may be necessary if your state has miles after mile of poor or below average roadways.