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We can find you the lowest possible car prices in Texas, no matter what kind of vehicle you want to buy.

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Car Deals: Texas

The majority of shoppers don’t merely purchase their new vehicle outright. They lease or finance a car or truck in Texas.

For that reason, we can help you compare not just car prices in Texas, but car deals in Texas as well. That means current lease deals and financing incentives within driving distance — for the exact make and model you’re interested in buying!

As soon as you request quotes, our state-of-the-art vehicle-matching engine looks for dealers who have the exact make and model you want on their lot, and the dealers themselves shoot you an email the top leasing and financing quotes they can offer – almost instantaneously! This is especially useful when you want to get no down payment car deals or 0 percent financing on a car in Texas.

Driving a Car in TX: Statistics

  • Registered Autos: 8,711,324
  • Registered Pickup Trucks: 4,161,931
  • Registered SUVs: 3,442,943
  • Avg Commute Time: 25.1 Minutes
  • Miles Driven Per Person: 9,676 Per Annum
  • Average Insurance Cost / Month: $54
  • Miles of Excellent Roads: 3,898
  • Miles of Good Roads: 20,016
  • Miles of Decent Roads: 48,297
  • Miles of Poor Roads: 2,748

Unsure what sort of car or truck to get? The information above may help you come to the right choice. And keep in mind that the cost of fuel is up. In fact, TX gas was $2.71 a gallon in 2008. Compare that to today’s cost per gallon. For this reason, in Texas, SUV and truck sales have been suffering as increasing numbers of buyers choose gas mileage over size