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Sure, it may seem easy to match up car prices from dealerships in Utah, and yet think it over. You would have to go from one Utah dealership to another, confronting hyped-up sales staff, in order to pull together various price quotes for the vehicle in which you’re interested. Instead, we can help you:

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Car Deals: Utah

The majority of consumers don’t just pay for their vehicle with a single lump payment; nope, they finance or lease a car in Utah.

This is exactly why we can help you compare not just [state car prices], but Utah car deals as well. That means current lease specials, as well as low rate and/or zero APR financing rates in your state — just for the make/model you’d like!

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Utah Driving Statistics

  • Registered Autos: 1,180,261
  • Registered Pickups: 500,878
  • Registered SUVs: 454,522
  • Average Commute Time: 21.3 Minutes
  • Per Capita Miles Driven: 9,492 Per Year
  • Average Insurance Premium Monthly: $67
  • Miles of Very Good Roads: 511
  • Miles of Good Roads: 1,988
  • Miles of Fair Roads: 5,078
  • Miles of Bad Roads: 73

Unsure what type of car or truck to get? The above information can help you make a good choice. And bear in mind that gasoline costs are up. Indeed, UT gas was $2.78 a gallon in ’08. Compare that to present-day cost per gallon. Consequently, in Utah, SUV and truck sales have been suffering as more consumers opt for autos that offer good MPG