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Vermont Car Prices

Vermont Car Deals

Don’t purchase a new or used vehicle – not before you find the lowest car prices where you live in Vermont, of course!

The good news is we let you get the lowest prices possible. Here is the key: get car dealerships to vie for your business.

Car Deals: Vermont

Keep in mind, price isn’t the only detail that matters. Unless you’re planning to buy your new vehicle with a single lump payment, your annual percentage rate and down payment are immensely important.

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Driving a Car in VT: Statistics

How Many Registered Autos?

  • Total Autos: 303,645
  • Pickup Trucks: 115,352
  • Sport Utility Vehicles: 103,064

VT Commute Times

  • Avg Commute Time: 21.9 Mins
  • Percentage Who Commute By Themselves: 73%
  • Percentage Who Commute Via Ride-Share: 11%
  • Miles Traveled Per Capita: 11,769 A Year

VT Car Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Per Annum: $697
  • Average Insurance Cost Per Month: $58

VT Roadway Conditions

  • Very Good Roads: 182 Miles
  • Good Roads: 724 Miles
  • Decent Roads: 1,551 Miles
  • Sub-par Roads: 735
  • Poor Roads: 667

If you have no idea what kind of car or truck to purchase, you might want to consider questions including: how large is your household? How much time does your commute consume? How much can you afford to spend? How many miles do you plan to drive each year? Do you need 4wd in your area? Do you need to tow a trailer? The state-based data above is helpful, but in the end, the needs you have will be different from other Vermont drivers.