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Intent on buying a new car, truck, or SUV in West Virginia?

Sure, it sounds simple to match up car prices from new car dealers in West Virginia, but just consider this: you would have to go from one West Virginia dealer to another, dealing with forceful salesmen, in order to assemble a list of prices on the car you want. As an alternative, we allow you to:

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Car Deals: West Virginia

Few people purchase their new cars outright. That means most individuals in West Virginia need a car loan or lease.

For this reason, we help you when comes to comparing not only car prices in West Virginia, but car deals in West Virginia in the process. That means current lease deals and financing rates in your state — just for the make/model you’d like!

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West Virginia Driving Statistics

How Many Registered Vehicles?

  • Total Automobiles: 686,908
  • Pickup Trucks: 326,741
  • SUVs: 225,828

WV Commute Times

  • Avg Commute: 25.4 Minutes
  • Percentage Who Don’t Carpool: 81%
  • Percentage Who Commute Via Ride-Share: 11%
  • Per Capita Miles Driven: 11,449 A Year

WV Automobile Insurance

  • Average Insurance Cost Per Annum: $841
  • Average Insurance Cost Every Month: $70

Condition of WV Roads

  • Excellent Roads: 315 Miles
  • Good Roads: 1,989 Miles
  • Average Roads: 5,039 Miles
  • Mediocre Roads: 1,400
  • Bad Roads: 1,662

If you have no idea what sort of vehicle to get, give some thought to the following questions: what size is your household? How long is your commute? How much car can you afford? How many miles do you plan to drive per annum? In what condition are the roads in your region? Do you want to haul a trailer or camper? The data above is helpful, but in the end, your needs will differ from other West Virginia consumers.